Sunday, April 3, 2016

In the shop....

These are all just sitting in the shop. Waiting for you. 
 Awake and Dreaming by Harve and Margot Zemach (1970).
Cindy's Snowdrops (A Read Alone Book) by Doris Orgel, illustrated by Ati Forberg (1966).
Dean's Mother Goose Book of Rhymes illustrated by Janet and Anne Grahame Johnstone (1977).
Fish Head by Jean Fritz, illustrated by Marc Simont (1972).
Horses by Janusz Grabianski (1966).
Half-As-Big and the Tiger by Bernice Frankel, illustrated by Leonard Weisgard (1961).
Harry by the Sea by Gene Zion, illustrated by Margaret Bloy Graham (1965).
Houses from the Sea by Alice E. Goudey, illustrated by Adrienne Adams (1959).
Illustrated Poems for Children (A Special Collection) - illustrated by Krystyna Orska, introduction by Miriam Peterson (1973).
Just Alike Princes by Pauline Palmer Meek, illustrated by Joanna Poehlmann (1966).
One Night by Norma E. Koenig, illustrated by Robert E. Barry (1969).
The Cowboy Book of Cowboys by Holling C. Holling and Lucille Holling (1936).
The Royal Book of Ballet by Shirley Goulden, illustrated by Maraja (1962).
The Runaway Giant by Adelaide Holl, illustrated by Mamoru Funai (1967).
The Sky Was Blue by Charlotte Zolotow, illustrated by Garth Williams (1963).
The Golden Book of Poetry: 83 Childhood Favorites (A Big Golden Book) illustrated by Gertrude Elliott, edited by Jane Werner (1949).
The Sunflower Garden by Janice May Udry, illustrated by Beatrice Darwin (1969).
Tom Tit Tot: An English Folk Tale illustrated by Evaline Ness (1965).

Saturday, April 2, 2016

In the shop....

I haven't updated this blog in forever.

Here are some books I've added to the shop recently (click on the cover to go to the book's listing)....