Thursday, January 31, 2013

Sylvester Jones and the Voice in the Forest - illustrated by Leonard Weisgard

Sylvester Jones and the Voice in the Forest - written by Patricia Miles Martin, illustrated by Leonard Weisgard (1958).

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

In the shop.... more animal books

Some new additions to the shop..
Bunny Button by Revena, illustrated by Bernice Myers (1950s).
Bambi's Children by Felix Salten, illustrated by Phoebe Erickson, adapted by Allen Chaffee (1950s).
The Tale of Ginger & Pickles by Beatrix Potter (1937).
A Golden Fun-To-Learn Book: Birds by Clara Hussong, illustrated by Marjorie Hartwell (1959).
Deer in the Snow by Miriam Schlein, illustrated by Leonard Kessler (1950s).
Stories from Nature: Thirty-one Animal Tales by Jane Werner Watson, illustrated by Gerda Muller (1973).
Calling Dr. Owl by Emery Kelen (1945).
Bernadette's Busy Morning by Ila Hodgson, illustrated by John E. Johnson (1968).

A Flood of Creatures - illustrated by Dahlov Ipcar

A Flood of Creatures - written & illustrated by Dahlov Ipcar (1985).